Everwell Warranty


USAClimax LLC operates as a wholesaler and retailer of air conditioning systems, parts, and components. The warranty terms and conditions are subject to the protocols established by the manufacturer or brand owner. USAClimax LLC does not participate in creating warranty terms for any brand.


Everwell Warranty Registration


Everwell offers a standard model unit, featuring a variety of equipment with competitive prices in correlation with product quality. USAClimax LLC exclusively markets Everwell units for export as the final destination.

Everwell units are 13 SEER, and their installation in the national territory is subject to state or county regulations. Clients must acquaint themselves with local regulations before installing an Everwell unit.


1. Everwell units are covered by a warranty against factory defects.
- a. Time-limited warranty: 30 calendar days, including the day of purchase.
- b. Units with manufacturing defects that hinder proper operation will be inspected by USAClimax technical personnel. Necessary measures will be taken based on the technician's assessment.
- b-1. Parts or the unit may be replaced to ensure correct equipment operation.
- b-2. No refunds are provided.
- c. Any claim must include the purchase receipt or relevant purchase document to request warranty rights. USAClimax staff will not assess a warranty request without the required documents (purchase receipt).
- d. Refunds, if approved, will only be processed if:
- d-1. The article, part, or piece is returned in its original container, package, or box.
- d-2. The article, part, or piece is returned with all supplements and/or additional parts or pieces included.
- d-3. Articles, parts, or pieces accepted by USAClimax personnel will undergo inspection before reception at our facilities.
2. Refunds are not accepted for lack of some supplements that USAClimax can provide post-purchase.
3. Refunds are not accepted for incorrect purchases regarding brand, features, or functions.
- 3-a. Changes are accepted at the client's request only in equipment, parts, or pieces with unopened original packaging, subject to the conditions outlined in section 1.
4. Warranty rights apply only to units, parts, and pieces installed by technicians associated with USAClimax LLC.
- 4-a. Warranty claims for units installed by non-associated personnel are not accepted, except for non-associated technicians with the relevant license.
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