Terms And Conditions Of Installation Service

Ductless Mini Split Unit Installation Guidelines

Ductless Mini Split units are complex installation systems designed for professional technicians. The facility requires licenses issued by the relevant authorities and must comply with specific regulations. Installation by non-specialized people or without the proper license can have legal consequences, whether in the handling of refrigerant gases or in electrical installations.

Services offered by USAClimax LLC

USAClimax LLC specializes in the retail and wholesale sale of air conditioning systems, spare parts and parts. Additionally, the company offers installation services subject to pre-approved terms and conditions. These conditions explicitly describe the scope of the service, defining the rights and responsibilities of both parties, covered by the customer's payment for the service.
By accepting this agreement the client also accepts the terms and conditions set forth in this document.
By accepting this agreement, usaclimax llc assumes that the customer has read and understood the entire contents of this agreement.

The basic installation service includes the comprehensive installation of the equipment, ensuring its full operation based on the manufacturer's technical sheet. The following steps describe the tasks performed by the technician as part of the paid service:

1. Examine the installation site to ensure compatibility with media provided by the customer and covered by the terms of service.

2. Install and secure the evaporator unit in the location chosen by the customer, ensuring that it does not affect the performance or safety of the unit.

3. Install and secure the condensing unit in the location chosen by the client, complying with performance and safety standards.

4. Open the communication hole for the refrigerant lines using the tools provided.

5. Connect the refrigerant lines according to the manufacturer's specifications, using appropriate means and tools.

6. Install the outdoor unit on bases provided by the customer.

7. Connect the unit to a designated power source and within reach of the electrical cord, complying with safety and use parameters.

8. Install the supplements purchased for correct installation and aesthetic finish.

9. Activate the unit to confirm proper operation according to the manufacturer's specifications.

10. Provide the necessary information to the customer regarding the use, care, maintenance and warranty management of the equipment.

**Conditions to consider**

1. If the installation means provided by the customer are insufficient, the technician will inform the customer of the deficiency, available options, associated costs and additional labor costs.

2. Additional installation media and labor not included in the basic installation steps will incur additional costs.

3. Full payment of additional costs is required prior to installation.

4. The customer must inform the exact installation conditions before payment.

5. USAClimax and its technicians are not responsible for inappropriate conditions that prevent correct and safe installation.

6. USAClimax and its technicians are not responsible for events that disrupt installation due to the actions or omissions of third parties.

7. Weather conditions may cause partial suspension of installation time, subject to technician availability.

8. Suspensions due to events listed above will not result in discounts or credits.

9. Expenses caused by actions or omissions of third parties that disrupt the installation are the responsibility of the client.

10. Installation-related expenses or payments are non-refundable if suspended due to actions of third-party personnel.
The client accepts and agrees to make payments due based on services, value of items purchased and, or, aggregates.
The client accepts and agrees to make the payments due, including those that are incorporated into the original invoice or a new invoice in order to cover the values ​​and, or, service expenses added by omission or changes in the initial installation planning.
The client agrees and remembers to make the payments due with viable payment methods accepted by the administrative staff of usaclimax llc.
The client acknowledges that by accepting the terms and conditions the authorization to the technical staff of usaclimax llc to use access to the assigned property for the installation, maintenance or delivery of equipment will be implied.
Usaclimax llc technical personnel will be authorized to use the facilities and accessories necessary to fulfill the agreed service within the period necessary for this purpose.
The client acknowledges that by accepting the terms and conditions he accepts that usaclimax llc is not responsible for collateral damage to property that occurs accidentally as a result of the works carried out in compliance with the service offered.
Usaclimax llc is not responsible for total or partial ignorance of the content of this document, it will be available to the client physically in the information media of our facilities, as well as digitally on the company's official website.